"My admiration for Meghan's professionalism, friendliness, honesty and tenacity has always been a motivation for me to better my craft and myself as a person." - Ricky Cruz, Client

"Meghan McCabe is a true rarity in Los Angeles. She strikes the perfect balance of personability and professionalism. Meghan works extremely hard, really listens and communicates with you, and she goes above and beyond for her clients." - Meghan Modrovsky, Client

"As a client, the thing about Meghan is: she's not interested in just your career, she's also invested in you. That may sound like a no-brainer I know, and management in theory, is personal, but that's only accurate if it's actually truthful. She doesn't suffer flakes lightly, and that's what you want. That's the investment. The partnership. Her character is what you'd want in a Manager... she meshes the nuts-and-bolts day-to-day, with the humanity behind what this is that we do and are striving to do.  It matters, and it makes a difference." - Tony DeCarlo, Client

"Meghan McCabe assisted one of our US Productions in 2016. Her helpful nature and attention to detail was fantastic. She was able to understand our requirements and match against her available talent. On the day of filming she was present and able to assist in our production work. Great to have her help and would hope to see future opportunities in working with her and her team." - Hardeep Girn, Producer, Know My Life

"Meghan truly cares for her clients and gives them just the right amount of individualized attention they need for their career path. She's down-to-earth, supportive, and  responded efficiently to every single question I ever had. Signing with her is definitely a step forward." - Anthony R. Mottola, Client