Evergreen Talent Management is an eco-conscious company based in Los Angeles that focuses on theatrical and commercial talent management representation for actors in film and television. 

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Evergreen is all about sustainability, in entertainment and in the environment. Evergreen operates with an eco-friendly focus, a commitment to green energy, and a belief  in hard-working and focused actors that have flexibility and longevity. 

The office uses recycled paper, reuses file materials, prints only what is necessary,  and printer cartridges are recycled. Reusable/glass containers are used, and the office has previously utilized rooftop solar panel energy & the use of Low-E glass. Evergreen also supports Eco-Casts for actors as a way of reducing our carbon footprint.

Evergreen Talent was founded in 2016 by Ms. Meghan McCabe, who began her management training with The Green Room. Originally from Chicago, she attended Whitney Young Magnet High School after enrolling as an Academic Center Student. Upon graduating she received partial scholarship to attend Rutgers University of NJ, where she helped found the Rutgers Independent Film Forum, and was a Lead in the film Wasteland, which won Best Student Feature Film at The New York International & Independent Film Festival.

Meghan then trained with The Shoestring Players and performed for a month in Witches, Riches, & Wedding Cake at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland. She was granted dual citizenship with Ireland, and after obtaining her Bachelor of Arts in Theater with a Minor in English (Creative Writing), she moved to Los Angeles. Eventually she decided to get into talent management and she is very grateful for the training she received, and for her friends, acquaintances and co-workers. She is also very happy to be able to give back to the Earth.